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How To Build Your Brand On Instagram: 5 Tried and True Tips

How To Build Your Brand On Instagram

Today many people rely on social media, especially Instagram, to build brand awareness and reach new audiences. Social media has found a new way to promote business products or services in today’s digital world. Among all the social media platforms, many internet users find Instagram is more aligned with their business and branding efforts. 

Like other social media marketing aspects, it is essential to follow some tried and true tips and tricks to build a brand on Instagram. Even if you are a brand or individual, you can build your brand on Instagram through the proven tips below. 

 #1: Set Your Brand Objective

Before learning how to build your brand on Instagram, it is important to set your goals. Setting your goals helps create an Instagram brand and make your Instagram business profile stand out from the crowd. Here are some common goals for a business on Instagram:

  • Grow your audience
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Acquire new audience
  • Improve website traffic
  • Boost engagement
  • Improve your current KPIs
  • Increase post impression

Do market research based on your business and create quality content that reaches your brand goals and objectives. 

#2: Attract More Targeted Audience

It is hard to build a brand on Instagram without followers. Creating authentic and entertaining content with a relevant hashtag has the potential to go viral on Instagram. Use Instagram analytics to find your target audience on the platform and create content that resonates with them. 

Sharing high-quality content that aligns with audience interests is the most effective way to get a lot of  Instagram impressions on your posts and improve your video visibility on the platform. In addition, creating a branded hashtag on Instagram will expand your business reach among a wider audience. 

#3: Create A Catchy Profile

An attractive profile is a perfect way to build your brand on Instagram. Choose an easy-to-find and memorable username, set a catchy brand name, and select a compelling logo. To expand your brand reach on Instagram, it is better to set your brand name as your Instagram username. 

As a business, set your brand logo as your profile picture to improve your profile visibility on the platform. Your Instagram profile gives a first impression to the audience about who you are and what you do for them. 

#4: Create Branded Hashtags

One of the best tips we can learn from the best-performing brands is to create branded Instagram hashtags. Instead of using generic and niche-related hashtags to attract a new audience, you must use branded hashtags to expand your business reach among a wider audience. 

Adding relevant hashtags helps your customers to find you easier on the platform. By promoting your content, you can easily find more user generated content (UGC) on Instagram. Plus, your branded hashtags can be your business name or something related to your industry. 

#5: Be Active 

You need to have a strong community to build your brand on Instagram. Being active on Instagram is the only way to achieve this. Post content frequently to engage your potential audience and to improve your profile reach on Instagram. In addition, creative videos on stories, reels, and IGTV to make your Instagram profile engaging and active. 

Check out the Instagram analytics to find your audience’s active time on the platform and post videos at the peak to grab a wider audience. This is a great way to make your Instagram feed more active. 


Building your brand on Instagram is not achieved overnight; it takes time and effort. You need to plan the right strategy and implement all the ideas step by step till you reach your business goals. Following the tips in this article will help you to build your brand on Instagram in a unique way and make you stand out from the huge crowd. 

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