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How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram

How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram

Instagram has become the most familiar social media platform globally, with more than one billion users. After receiving such a massive response from the users, Instagram introduces engaging features to attract more audiences. Some of the notable features are IGTV, Reels, and Instagram stories.

In this article, I will explain one of the significant features of Instagram DM, which is “Unsend Message.” The unsend message feature on Instagram DMs helps users to delete the messages sent to the wrong person or friend. So if you want to delete a particular message, you can use the “Unsend” option on Instagram DM. 

Direct messages are a great means of engagement but exchanging messages with the same group of people will not work to increase engagement in any way. Your profile must get noticed by a huge number of audiences to gain credibility on Instagram. Hence you should look out for the best ways to get more Instagram impressions and boost your popularity. Here I will share some tricks to see unsent messages on Instagram.

Unsend Messages On Instagram

Instagram doesn’t have the built-in option to see unsent messages on Instagram, and there is no update related to this feature. But there is a trick to see Instagram unsent messages, which is not the official way to see unsent messages. Yes, you can use only third-party applications to read the unsent messages on Instagram. 

How To Read Unsend Messages On Instagram?

As I said earlier, there are no official ways to read unsend messages on Instagram but you can see the likes, comments, posts etc. You need to use a third-party application to complete this action. Some of the applications are,

  • WAMR app
  • Notisave app
  • Direct chat app

But the above applications will work only for Android devices and not on iOs.

Does Instagram Notify When You Unsend A Message?

The receiver and sender of the message will not get a notification, and the receiver will not know whether the message has been received or not. But the older version of the Instagram application notifies the receiver that, “This message has been unsent by the sender.” After the update, Instagram stopped sending notifications to both parties.

How To Recover Unsent Messages On Instagram?

Recovering unsent messages on Instagram is not possible because Instagram doesn’t provide a feature or option to complete this action. You can go for the “Download your information” option, which will help to recover posts, videos, and messages, but this option will not allow us to recover the “unsent Messages.” 

The other option to recover unsent Instagram messages is to go with a third-party application to recover messages unsent on Instagram. But there is no assurance that you’ll recover all the unsent Messages.

Most Asked Questions

How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram Iphone?

Like the Instagram Android version, we cannot see or read the unsent messages on Instagram iPhone, and there is no built-in option to see those messages. But you can use an application called “Ai Grow” to see the unsent Messages on Instagram iPhone.

How To Find Out Who “Unsent Messages” On Instagram?

There is no official way and a built-in feature to find out who unsent messages on Instagram. And there is no update regarding “unsend messages” by Instagram. As I mentioned earlier, the only way to see unsent messages on Instagram is to use a third-party application.

How To Unread Messages On Instagram

Follow the below guidelines to unread a message on Instagram,

  1. Open the “Instagram app” on your device.
  2. Go to “Direct Message” on Instagram.
  3. Select the “chat” and select the “message” that you want to “unread.”
  4. Hold the message for a few seconds.
  5. A pop-up will appear with “unread.” 
  6. Click “unread” to complete the action.


To wrap up, Instagram doesn’t provide any options to see or recover unsent messages on Instagram, so follow the above tricks to see the unsend messages. I hope Instagram will update the “unsend Messages” in the future, which is necessary for users because this may happen mistakenly or accidentally.

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