May 30, 2023

Write For Us gives everyone a chance to be known by their possible clients worldwide. Skilled writers who want to write regular guest posts or articles for us are welcome. If you post blogs and become one of our writers, your articles will be read by millions of people every year. We’re looking for talented writers who can come up with good content and whose writing is clear and crisp.

We are happy to give the best talent a chance to share their unique ideas in categories like trending, technology, business, software, artificial intelligence, apps, etc. Technology is a very broad subject.

Submit Your Article to Get the Super Benefits: 

What benefits will you get?

All Credits for the blog post will go to the writer/author. Your each and every post will be featured and published with your photo and a link back to your website/blog. By writing informative content you will get exposed to our readers, visitors, and fto become famous. You may get reputation & brand building. All Credits for the posts will go to the writer/author. Writers will get an opinion from a number of bloggers from all around the world.

Our Requirements: 

There are some requirements you need to follow before contributing to our blog.

  • You must be a professional writer and able to come up with well researched & unique content
  • You are expected to be a reader or blogger, not an SEO firm agent
  • If your blogs contain videos and screenshots, they should be tested to work properly before posting

Content Submission Rules:

  • You can make sure that the quality of the posts and the blog’s reputation stay high.

  • Your articles must be original and not break anyone’s rights to their work. They shouldn’t be used anywhere else either, not even on your own blog.

  • Your article needs to be at least 750 words long and shouldn’t have any links that go somewhere else that aren’t relevant. 

  • There shouldn’t be any mistakes in the grammar of an article.

  • Images and videos relevant to the post can be used, as long as the sources are given.

  • For featured images, the size of the image should be 1200 x 600 or more.

  • Both internal and external links in the article should be relevant to your post.

  • You can share the articles anywhere, as long as you link back to this site.

Topics we accept

  • WebsArtificial Intelligence, business, world news
  • Web Development, Web design
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
  • Social media technology, digital marketing
  • Software, apps, gadgets,
  • Announcements
  • blockchain news, cryptocurrency